After prevailing against the EPA in her landmark lawsuit Coleman-Adebayo V Carol Browner, Dr. Coleman-Adebayo established the No FEAR Institute in Washington, D.C. as a non-governmental organization to advocate for whistleblower rights and protection. Chief among her concerns was the plight of vanadium miners and the communities surrounding the vanadium mining operations that had been brought to her attention by South African union leader, Jacob Ngakane, while Dr. Coleman-Adebayo served as the executive secretary of the Environment Committee of the EPA delegation to the Gore/Mbeki Bi-National Commission (BNC) during the transition from apartheid to the government of Nelson Mandela. The stated goal of the BNC was to assist black and other South Africans in establishing autonomous control of their own destinies. Allegations that hundreds of mine workers had died as a direct consequence of unsafe mining practices were never investigated by the EPA, despite Marsha’s reporting these allegations to her supervisors in the Office of International Affairs. During the BNC process, the EPA made commitments to investigate the vanadium mining conditions, but later reneged on those promises. The Institute has been involved independently in attempts to bring the EPA’s green crimes and willingness to cast entire communities into the sacrifice zone of corporate profit and governmental complicity in sanitizing those murders.

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